Quick Roller Skating Questions

We’ve done a few posts on helping you learn about roller skating and rollerblading, such as how to roller skate, and roller skating tricks. This time, we’ve decided to do a speedy one-stop shop for skaters who aren’t complete beginners anymore but still have some questions and need just a brief refresher that they can …

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Ball Bearings

Sometimes, the most important part of something isn’t the one you can easily see. For example, anyone can understand why wheels are very, very important on roller skates, but there was a time when they didn’t roll all that well. It made skating more difficult, which meant fewer people did it. The first boom in …

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Buying Roller Skates

Make sure you know the retailer's rules about trying out skates before you put them on.

Mac’s has always offered skates for rent. That way even the most casual of skaters can always find a pair if they want to take a spin around the rink. But we know that not everyone who skates at Mac’s is that casual, and if you love skating so much that you skate every chance …

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Lace Bite and Skating Socks

Sometimes lace bite can be stopped by changing your skates' lace pattern.

Yes, there is such a thing as skating socks! Socks are so easy to forget that we bet it’s probably never crossed your mind, but it’s actually very important to have good socks to use for skating. So in this post we’re going to discuss lace bite and show you that the type of sock …

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(More) Tips For Beginners

How your feet are placed affects how you move in skates.

We already have a few basic tips on our site, but we thought it’d be a good idea to go into more detail. After all, a skating rink is going to be more fun when you know how to skate, even if you maybe aren’t the fastest, steadiest, or coolest skater on the floor. Once …

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Benefits of Roller Skating…For Kids!

If you’ve visited us at least once, you’ve probably noticed that there are a lot of smiles at Mac’s. We’re a family-friendly place where the every member of the family, no matter their age, can enjoy a healthful activity together. For anyone of any age looking to stay healthy, roller skating can be a great …

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Brain Benefits of Roller Skating

You’re probably already aware that exercise is good for your body and will improve your health and general quality of life. The benefits your body reaps from regular physical activity, like roller skating, are so well documented that few people bother to really talk about it anymore. But were you aware that the benefits of …

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Inline Skate Care

When rollerblade wheels are worn down, rotate them and change their place in the lineup.

Like roller skates, it’s important to carry out regular maintenance to extend the life of your inline skates (rollerblades). Fortunately, you don’t need much in the way of tools and supplies, and—bonus!—as you gain experience with doing maintenance you’ll be able to do it faster and take less time away from other things. You won’t …

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Roller Skate Care

Dirty wheels are more likely to lose traction than clean wheels, which makes dirty wheels a problem for novice skaters or anyone who does tricks.

An off-the-shelf pair of skates that fits your feet doesn’t cost too much, but it adds up if you’re buying new ones every couple of months because you’re wearing them down and then throwing each pair away. Heaven forbid you do that just because of the wheels. With the proper maintenance, you’ll be able to …

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History of Roller Skating

Roller skates have taken many forms over time as manufacturers tried to find the perfect balance of consumer wants.

Believe it or not, the history of roller skating actually begins with rollerblades. That’s right! The very first roller skates were designed to mimic ice skates, so the wheels—usually two to six—were aligned in such a way as to be a “blade” beneath the skate boot. This design of skate steered well, but lacked brakes …

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