Parts of a Skate

While there are some differences from a roller skate, the parts of a rollerblade usually aren't too different.

At some point we’re going to talk about caring for roller skates, but before we do that it’s important to be familiar with the parts of roller skates. Now there are a number of designs of roller skate, and parts will vary a little from one to another. The most common styles of roller skates …

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Skating Disciplines

In previous blogs, while talking about the skates that might be best for you, we’ve given passing mention to some of the many disciplines of roller skating. If you’re new to the skating world, you may be unfamiliar with the variety of skating you might enjoy. We’ll cover some of them here and try to …

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Roller Skating Tricks

Some would call it “having fun,” others “showing off.” Either way, there’s no arguing that learning tricks on roller skates or rollerblades pushes you to improve your balance and explore your potential. Unfortunately, there’s no special, speedy recipe for learning tricks. As with all things, “practice makes perfect.” To be able to do tricks, you …

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The Health Benefits of Roller Skating

The health benefits of roller skating are well-documented.

When you think of roller skating, you might first think of very fit men and women cruising along a beach boardwalk in some glamorous, sunny location. At a glance, it may seem like these people skate because they’re fit. But the likelier possibility is that they’re fit because they skate. The health benefits of roller …

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Should You Skate Indoors or Outdoors?

Indoor skating is year-round and safer for kids in most circumstances.

If you love to roller skate, you probably look for as many excuses as you can to visit the rink. And while indoor rinks are open year-round, sometimes finding the time or a way to get there is difficult. You may have considered skating outdoors at times when the stars aren’t quite aligning for you …

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Roller Skating Safety: “It’s All Fun and Games Until…”

Roller skating safety is always trending!

When it comes to roller skating, it can be tempting to dive in and get to the good stuff, particularly if you’re indoors and don’t have to worry about cars. But what’s the point of getting into the play if you have to quit early because you or a friend gets hurt? Taking a few …

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Inline Skates vs. Quad Skates: Which is Best?

Choosing between roller skates and rollerblades can be confusing. Let us give you somewhere to start!

Here’s an ongoing debate in the roller skating world: Are quad skates (roller skates) or inline skates (rollerblades) better? As with many things it mainly comes down to the needs and goals of the skater, which we can’t know, but we can cover a few general considerations to get things started. Stability Anyone who’s ever …

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