Tips to Improve Roller Skating Technique

We’ve done a post on roller skating tricks, and to a degree this post is more of that. However, there are differences in that some of the ‘tricks’ in this post aren’t tricks as much as methods to improve your skating. So we’ll be covering a few exercises you can do to increase your confidence …

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Blister Treatment and Prevention

A bandage offers a blister some protection, but thick padding is better.

You don’t have to have worn roller skates for long (or ever) to know about blisters. You can get them from doing pretty much any activity. Most people who get them will end up with them somewhere on a hand or foot, and if you’ve ever found yourself with one it was probably in a …

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Protective Equipment

We’ve told you a lot about skates and skating, but we haven’t said much about protective equipment other than that you should wear it. It can be overwhelming trying to find what’s out there and figure out what you need for what you want to do. In this post we’re going to explore protective equipment …

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Roller Skate Plates and Trucks

Any skater can understand the importance of roller skate boots or wheels, but most people don’t give roller skate plates and trucks adequate credit for their importance. In this post we’re going to explore the point behind having plates and trucks on your skates, what they can be made of, and help you determine what …

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Roller Skate Wheels

Dirty wheels are more likely to lose traction than clean wheels, which makes dirty wheels a problem for novice skaters or anyone who does tricks.

Your wheels are an incredibly important part of your skating experience. They are literally what move you and make your roller skates more than just funny-looking footwear. But a lot of people who skate don’t know what kind of wheel they have or how to choose one better suited to their needs. In this post, …

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Quick Roller Skating Questions

We’ve done a few posts on helping you learn about roller skating and rollerblading, such as how to roller skate, and roller skating tricks. This time, we’ve decided to do a speedy one-stop shop for skaters who aren’t complete beginners anymore but still have some questions and need just a brief refresher that they can …

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Ball Bearings

Sometimes, the most important part of something isn’t the one you can easily see. For example, anyone can understand why wheels are very, very important on roller skates, but there was a time when they didn’t roll all that well. It made skating more difficult, which meant fewer people did it. The first boom in …

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Buying Roller Skates

Make sure you know the retailer's rules about trying out skates before you put them on.

Mac’s has always offered skates for rent. That way even the most casual of skaters can always find a pair if they want to take a spin around the rink. But we know that not everyone who skates at Mac’s is that casual, and if you love skating so much that you skate every chance …

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Lace Bite and Skating Socks

Sometimes lace bite can be stopped by changing your skates' lace pattern.

Yes, there is such a thing as skating socks! Socks are so easy to forget that we bet it’s probably never crossed your mind, but it’s actually very important to have good socks to use for skating. So in this post we’re going to discuss lace bite and show you that the type of sock …

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