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Tips For Complete Beginners
Rink Rules
Dress & Conduct
Liability Disclaimer

Tips For Complete Beginners

Let’s be honest here—as a complete beginner you’re going to feel like you’re falling, and you probably will at some point. It’s pretty much a given and happens to everyone. But by using the proper stance on roller skates, you’ll definitely be a lot more stable and reduce the number of falls you take.  So here are some tips to help the learning process go smoother and more comfortably:

Bend your knees a little. Probably all your life you’ve been told to stand up straight. Well, that’s not the best idea when it comes to roller skating. Instead, always keep a slight bend in your knees; the lower you can go, the better off you’ll be.  Keep your stance wide and your arms in front of you, with elbows tucked into your sides. You want your center of gravity to be low, with your weight in front.

Take little steps. To get comfortable on your skates, arrange yourself in a duck-footed position—toes in, heels out. This will keep you from rolling too much. Take very tiny steps, just to get the feel of your skates.

Let’s roll out! Once you are comfortable, graduate to proper skating form: With feet parallel, shoulder-width apart, push one foot straight out to the side, very gently, and bring it back to the center. You are moving! Push the other foot straight out to the side, very slowly and gently, and bring it back to the center.

That’s all it takes to get started! So be patient and don’t give up!

Rink Rules

  • Skaters shall skate at a reasonable speed. If you are passing more skaters than are passing you, slow down!
  • Skaters shall not skate in a reckless manner, weave in or out, play tag, or skate in a manner that may jeopardize their safety or the safety of others.
  • Skaters shall not carry children while on skates anywhere in the building.
  • Skaters shall not take hats, caps, purses, combs, hair brushes, sunglasses, toys, food, or any similar items onto the skating floor.
  • Skaters shall not sit on walls, railings, tables, or counters.
  • Skaters shall not stop or stand on the skating floor.
  • Skaters shall place all shoes, coats, purses, and personal belongings in a locked locker or check area. Management is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
  • Skaters shall not exit or enter the building while wearing skates.
  • Skaters shall keep all food and drink in the snack bar area.
  • Skaters and guests shall not carry food or drinks into this facility.
  • Alcoholic beverages, illegal substances, or anyone under the influence will not be permitted on premises.
  • Skates that are designed for a toe or heel stop must be so equipped.
  • Wheels must be clean and suitable for the skating surface.
  • No gum chewing allowed in the building.
  • No smoking allowed in the building.

Please understand that these rules have been established and will be enforced for the safety and enjoyment of all skaters.

Dress & Conduct

  • Skaters shall conduct themselves like ladies and gentlemen.
  • No in and out privileges. When you leave the building you must also leave the property. No loitering or littering around building.
  • All skaters shall be neatly groomed and clean. Proper attire shall be worn at all times.
  • All skaters renting skates shall be required to wear socks. If you feel that your rental skates are defective or improperly adjusted, please turn them in to a staff member at the counter immediately. We appreciate your help in making roller skating safer!
  • Skaters shall tuck shoe laces inside the rental skates and return them to their proper location when the session is over.
  • Management reserves the right to inspect lockers, skate cases, and/or handbags before entering or leaving the building.
  • No foul language is permitted.
  • Parent spectators only.
  • Management reserves the right to refuse admission or eject without refund anyone not meeting the standards set forth.

Please understand that these rules have been established and will be enforced for the safety and enjoyment of all skaters.

Liability Disclaimer

Skate at your own risk!

Please note that roller skating is a strenuous and fast-moving sport. By putting on skates and participating in this form of recreation you are personally assuming the risk of an accident inherent in this and any similar sport. It is the nature of this recreation that people fall down or run into one another on occasion. If you are not willing to assume that risk, please do not roller skate here. If you doubt your ability to roller skate, please consider this notice before proceeding onto the floor. We cannot be responsible for any injuries which occur to our patrons while they are present in this facility.

Thank you for your understanding.

Fun for All Ages!