SUMMER 2019-Wednesday Night Skate at Mac’s Roller Rink

Wednesday Night Skate Night


We have listened to your requests and have decided to give you another night of skating throughout your week. We are now open on Wednesday evenings all Summer from 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm. Break up your week and come out and take some laps for a couple hours by yourself or bring the kids.

Wednesday tend to give you a little more room on the rink giving first time skaters to enjoy themselves while learning the tricks of the trade. We have always found it is a favorite for the adults who want to get out and stretch their legs and get in a little cardio for the week. Bring the kids out to burn off some of their energy. We are a big family here and enjoy seeing everyone’s smiling faces.

Looking for an idea to get some of the couples you use to hang out with at the rink back in the day. Come out for a reunion of sorts lace up and skate the rink with friends. We have even had some customers come in and just walk some laps to get in a nice work out while they are listening to the music and enjoy the atmosphere.

Younger children enjoy the range of the rink and are able to take their time and use the handrail to help guide them while they get comfortable on their wheels. They can get in plenty of practice so when they weekend hits they can race around the rink.

We are also excited to announce we are holding a Summer party spot on Wednesdays because we know are customers and their children are busy on the weekends and sometimes you just can’t fit it all in. You of course have the choice of either of party rooms from 5pm- 7:30pm. Bring in your own food and drinks we provide the fun.

Mac’s Roller Rink is a legendary destination where for generations people of all ages have gathered to skate, play, and have a blast. Come by and enjoy affordable family fun, where kids, teenagers, and adults alike can unwind, hang out, and build skating skills, rain or shine.

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