Welcome to Mac’s Roller Rink!


Yes, that crazy purple building out on Rt. 522. That’s us!

It may look like a hole in the wall from the outside, but on the inside is some of the best family entertainment our area has to offer.

Mac’s is a clean, family-friendly roller skating rink open Friday-Sunday with roller skating, arcade games, pool tables, air hockey, and ticket redemption games. Also available for birthday parties and events.

Examples of roller skate boots and shoes.

Skate Boots and Liners

Something we haven’t really focused on too much is skates and your feet. Of course, the simple fact that you ...
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national roller skating month

October is National Roller Skating Month

Let’s Celebrate!!! Text the word SKATE to 69000 BECOME A MAC’S VIP SKATER You’ll automatically be entered in our monthly ...
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Dirty wheels are more likely to lose traction than clean wheels, which makes dirty wheels a problem for novice skaters or anyone who does tricks.

Roller Skate Wheels

Your wheels are an incredibly important part of your skating experience. They are literally what move you and make your ...
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